We take a closer look at the work Team Sky are putting in off the bike in Mallorca, starting with physio gym work.

Hard work takes place around the clock at our December training camp in Mallorca. Gains can be found out on the island roads, but they can also be carved out in the gym.

Whether hitting the weights or working on rider core, understanding each rider and their body is key to getting the best results when the racing starts.

Team Sky Physio Dan Guillemette talks us through a physio gym session with Geraint Thomas.

“We’re working in the gym with G. It’s quite an important time of year when we first get together in December and we can start to address some of the issues that riders may have had. We sat down with G earlier in October and we went through his muscular skeletal profile and looked at areas that he considered as weaknesses. We also looked at what his goals were for 2016 and worked quite closely with his coach as well. For next year it’s important to start addressing those issues now.

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