It’s rare that the waffle iron gets pulled out in our house. But lately, I’ve been getting the waffle itch. And that itch is a direct result of my man Matt over at Real Food By Dad. The dude is a ninja with the waffle iron.

And if you’ve ever looked at something and said I wonder if I can make a waffle out of that?… you can rest assured knowing that Matt probably already has. If waffling was an Olympic sport, Matt would be Michael Phelps (minus the whole DUI thing).

So yea… if you have leftover stuffing come Friday, you need to dust off that waffle iron. Stuffing on Thanksgiving is fantastic and all, but getting it extra crispy and caramelized the next day a la waffles is where it’s at!

Load up your Leftover Thanksgiving Stuffing Waffles with whatever you’ve got on hand and you have yourself some seriously good chow.

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